Foligray Hair Enhanced! With Copper, Folic Acid And Biotin

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According to a recent survey, one in every five Americans have hair problems which range from declining hair growth, hair thinning, hair fall and balding. This can make going out, socializing and trying to stay attractive to the opposite sex difficult. To remedy this problem, many people are trying out new hair regrowth products including hair oils, shampoos and dietary supplements with many of the products in the market showing little to no results. One product that has claimed to help improve hair quality and growth in just 21 days is called Foligray.

The Hair Care Product Foligray:

Foligray is a supplement that needs to be taken orally every day that is designed to stimulate your hair’s natural growth and repair systems by providing it with the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals it needs. With this supplement, you get benefits like softer and shinier hair, stronger hair roots and reduced hair breakage, as well as hair revitalization and regrowth. Foligray is the hair regrowth product that is used by thousands of people worldwide with convincing results.

Foligray Hair

The Manufacturer’s Claims For Hair Regrowth:

According to the manufacturer’s website, after you use this supplement, you can experience an improvement in hair quality and quantity in just 21 days. Other claims on the benefits of this product include:

  • 60% new hair growth
  • 26% boost in hair thickness
  • 27% decline in hair loss
  • 47% boost in hair volume
  • 34% more scalp coverage

The daily dosage for this product is very simple, just take one capsule with water every morning, and you will start noticing results in a matter of weeks.


Foligray Hair Working Mechanism:

This hair growth supplement contains all-natural ingredients which work to improve hair quality and quantity throughout the hair growth cycle.

  1. In the Anagen phase, Foligray Hair Growth helps speed up hair growth by hydrating and stimulating the follicles and scalp with more collagen which improves hair volume.
  2. In the Catagen phase, the supplement helps prevent hair shedding by strengthening the hair follicles, resulting in longer hair life and slower hair loss.
  3. The third phase is called Telogen where this product uses natural ingredients to improve your hair’s quality and shine, giving you stronger and healthier hair.

Foligray is an advanced hair growth formula that helps repair, revitalize and regrow your hair in as early as 21 days.

Foligray Hair Active Ingredients Used:

The official website also details the various 100% natural ingredients that are used to blend this hair growth formula. These ingredients include antioxidants that protect against hair damage, multi-vitamins that help improve hair quality and hair growth, as well as nutrients that stimulate hair revitalization and repair.

The active ingredients that are used in Foligray include:

The Side Effects Of Foligray Hair Growth Supplement:

Our research into this product and its ingredients turned up no problems or reports of Foligray causing any side effects. Out of the thousands of women who use this product every day, there are many user reviews online which state the benefits of this supplement but no user reviews regarding side effects.

Foligray Hair Retail Price! Offer Available:

Foligray Hair Growth And Repair Formula is an online-only product which can be purchased for $24.95 but is currently being provided with a SS offer