Fortune Feimster Weight Loss, Inspiring Journey And Result

Fortune Feimster is an American comedian and actress who has inspired many with her amazing weight loss transformation. Feimster struggled with her weight for years before finally turning her health around through diet and exercise. Let's take a closer look at Feimster's weight loss journey and what we can learn from it.

How Much Weight Did Fortune Feimster Lose?

Over the past few years, Feimster has lost a tremendous amount of weight through dedication and hard work. She is reported to have lost nearly 100 pounds.

Feimster's weight loss first became noticeable in 2018 when she appeared looking much slimmer. She has continued to slim down since then, shocking fans with her incredible transformation.

What Was Fortune Feimster Weight Before Losing Weight?

Before losing the weight, Feimster was reported to weigh around 250 pounds at her heaviest. She was visibly overweight and struggled with her body image and health.

After deciding to make a change, Feimster lost nearly half her body weight and now looks like a completely different person. Her commitment to transforming her lifestyle and habits led to this amazing weight loss.

How Much Weight Did Fortune Feimster Lose

How Did Fortune Feimster Lose Weight?

So how exactly did Feimster manage to lose all the weight? Here are some of the things she focused on:

Following a Nutritious Diet

Feimster cut out junk food and unhealthy eating habits. She focused on eating fresh, whole foods like fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats. Portion control was also key for her diet.

Exercising Regularly

Feimster started doing strength training workouts 4-5 days per week. She also added in more walking every day. The exercise helped her burn a lot of calories.

Holding Herself Accountable

Feimster didn't let slip ups throw her off track. She held herself accountable to her diet and exercise routines daily.

Making Lifestyle Changes

In addition to diet and exercise, Feimster worked on improving all aspects of her lifestyle like reducing stress and getting more sleep.

What Was Fortune Feimster Weight Loss Diet?

To lose the weight, Feimster followed a nutritious, balanced diet focusing on whole, natural foods. Here are some of the key elements of her diet plan:

  • Eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day to keep metabolism boosted
  • Emphasizing protein like chicken, fish, eggs and Greek yogurt
  • Loading up on leafy greens and vegetables
  • Enjoying fresh fruits for antioxidants
  • Choosing whole grains like oatmeal and quinoa
  • Avoiding processed foods, sugars and excessive carbs
  • Staying hydrated by drinking water and unsweetened tea

By filling up on healthy, low-calorie foods, Feimster was able to cut calories without feeling hungry or deprived.

What Type of Exercise Did Fortune Feimster Do?

Along with overhauling her diet, Feimster added in a lot of physical activity to burn extra calories and build lean muscle:

  • Strength training 4-5 days per week targeting all major muscle groups
  • High intensity interval training for cardio 2-3 days per week
  • Trying new active hobbies like tennis and hiking
  • Going for daily walks to increase daily step count
  • Doing yardwork and housework for extra activity

The combination of weightlifting and cardio allowed Feimster to transform her body composition as she lost weight.

How Much Weight Did Fortune Feimster Lose

How Did Fortune Feimster Stay Motivated?

Losing nearly 100 pounds requires incredible motivation. Here are some of the things that kept Feimster inspired throughout her journey:

  • Setting achievable short term goals like losing 5 pounds per month
  • Tracking her progress with photos, measurements and weigh-ins
  • Rewarding herself for milestones like buying a new outfit
  • Following inspirational social media accounts
  • Reading motivational books and quotes
  • Focusing on how much better she felt at a lighter weight
  • Reminding herself of her “why” like improved health

Feimster also had the support of her partner Bianca Del Rio who cheered her on. Having accountability and support definitely helped motivate her.

What Obstacles Did Fortune Feimster Face?

While Feimster's weight loss journey led to an incredible transformation, it didn't come without obstacles and setbacks along the way. Here are some of the hurdles she had to overcome:

  • Struggling with food cravings and binges
  • Lacking energy some days for workouts
  • Dealing with loose skin after losing weight rapidly
  • Facing judgement from others about her body
  • Feeling discouraged by small lapses in progress
  • Battling mental hurdles like negative self-talk

However, Feimster didn't let anything stop her from achieving her goals. She persisted through all obstacles on the path toward better health.

How Did Fortune Feimster Maintain Her Weight Loss?

Losing weight is one thing but keeping it off long-term is a whole other challenge. Here is how Feimster has maintained her 100 pound weight loss:

  • Continuing to exercise 4-5 days a week
  • Sticking to her nutritious diet most days
  • Practicing mindful eating habits
  • Allowing occasional treats in moderation
  • Doing weekly weigh-ins to stay accountable
  • Following an 80/20 approach to stay on track
  • Prioritizing sleep and stress management
  • Accepting that weight may fluctuate but lifestyle remains healthy

By making her diet and fitness routines a regular lifelong habit, Feimster has successfully kept the weight off.

What Was Fortune Feimster Response to Her Weight Loss?

Feimster has been very open about the struggles she faced with her weight and her pride in turning things around. She has shared her astonishment at losing nearly 100 pounds.

In interviews, Feimster has spoken about the huge boost her weight loss gave to her health, confidence and body image. She hopes her transformation can inspire others who are trying to lose weight as well.

While she looks fantastic, Feimster has emphasized that the most rewarding part of her journey was becoming healthier and more active. Her outlook on life has completely changed since implementing a healthier lifestyle.

Fortune Feimster Weight Loss: Key Takeaways

Fortune Feimster weight loss journey provides great inspiration and lessons for anyone looking to lose weight and transform their health:

  • Making lifestyle changes leads to lasting results
  • Consistency with diet and exercise is key
  • Support and accountability improves motivation
  • Don't let setbacks derail your progress
  • Improved health and confidence are the biggest rewards
  • Weight loss requires perseverance through obstacles
  • Keeping weight off involves maintaining new habits

Feimster exemplifies that permanent weight loss is achievable through diligence and commitment to living a healthier, active life.

Fortune Feimster Weight Loss, Inspiring Journey And Result

Frequently Asked Questions about Fortune Feimster Weight Loss

Fortune Feimster dramatic weight loss transformation has inspired many fans. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about her journey:

How long did it take Fortune Feimster to lose 100 pounds?

Feimster lost the weight gradually over the course of 3-4 years. By making permanent lifestyle changes, she was able to take the weight off slowly and steadily without extreme dieting.

What was Fortune Feimster diet before losing weight?

Prior to her weight loss, Feimster ate a very unhealthy diet full of fast food, junk food, soda, excessive carbs and little nutrient-dense foods. Changing these habits played a big role in her transformation.

Does Fortune Feimster exercise?

Yes, Feimster works out 4-5 days per week doing a mix of weightlifting and cardio. She also makes an effort to increase her daily step count by walking more.

Did Fortune Feimster have weight loss surgery?

No, Feimster lost all the weight through diet and exercise alone without any surgical procedures. Her hard work led to the dramatic transformation.

What size was Fortune Feimster at her heaviest?

At her heaviest weight of around 250 pounds, Feimster wore a size 20 dress. She dropped down to a size 6 after losing nearly 100 pounds.

How old was Fortune Feimster when she lost weight?

Feimster was around 37 years old when she kicked off her weight loss journey. She proved weight loss is possible at any age through determination.

What does Fortune Feimster eat in a day now?

Feimster focuses her meals around lean protein, vegetables, fruit, whole grains and healthy fats. She avoids processed foods and added sugars.

How did Fortune Feimster lose belly fat?

Consistent strength training along with cardio and a clean diet helped Feimster lose fat all over her body including her midsection. Targeted ab exercises further toned her stomach.

How tall is Fortune Feimster?

Feimster stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall. Her height helped distribute the weight as she slimmed down.


In conclusion, Fortune Feimster dramatic 100 pound weight loss demonstrates what is possible when you commit to a healthier lifestyle. Her journey required immense dedication to diet, exercise and changing ingrained habits. While it wasn't easy, Feimster proves that permanent weight loss can be achieved with consistency and support. She continues to inspire people to improve their health every day.

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