IntuiTru IQ – Does it really make your IntuiTru brain faster?

IntuiTru IQ is The Viagra for The Brain

Nootropics are sometimes called “Smart Supplements” this is because throughout history it would help enhance certain mental functions that will naturally decline as we get older. Just like any organ or muscle in the body our brain needs to nurtured as well. Our amazing supplement IntuiTru IQ is rich in natural compounds that have shown time and time again to build more of a healthy neurotransmitter.

This is an amazing new supplement that has combined the best several well-known ingredients that have been shown in clinical trials to offer a cognitive boost. IntuiTru IQ was carefully blended and chose the right ingredients to help safely and effectively improve mental function in all people. Our formula has been specially blended to help your brain function better while keeping your mind at ease. So if you are looking for to help increase your brain function and start to think straight, then you need to get started today! Learn more by reading below!

Give Yourself That Mental edge with IntuiTru IQ

IntuiTru IQ is the result of some really amazing and natural ingredients. From ingredients that have been used for Millennia, to antioxidants that are subject to exciting new breakthrough studies and more. This supplement was designed and created in an FDA licensed lab to provide the most amazing and natural brain supplement around.

The ingredient Acetylcholine has long been known as the “learning” neurotransmitter that allows us to retain new and amazing information. This however and exciting new research has been shown that supplementing with Phosphatidylcholine (found in IntuiTru IQ) can boost the brain’s overall ability to metabolize acetylcholine.


Here are a few benefits you will see while taking IntuiTru IQ supplement:

  • Boost the ability to focus on tasks or information.
  • Speed up information processing and the ability to learn.
  • Protect the brain’s ability to function correctly and consistently.
  • Combat the decline of memory recall that occurs with aging.
  • Neutralize the negative effects caused by oxidation stress.
  • Increase health blood flow and oxygen utilization in the brain.
  • Crafted expertly using a blend of the most promising “smart supplements”
  • Contains phosphatidylcholine and Omega-3, compounds essential for cerebral health.

The amazing herb Bacopa Monnieri has been known and used by humans for enhancing effects on cognition for hundreds of years. Not only is this ingredient act as a powerful protective anti-oxidant, but it also appears to increase cerebral blood flow and regulate serotonin release. This means it helps raise those serotonin levels that cause depression and much more. There are proven benefits to each and every one of these amazing ingredients. This supplement has been well known as the smart brain solution that will help boost your brain function.

Learn Faster, Work Smarter, Concentrate Harder with IntuiTru IQ

There are many other amazing and natural effects you will see while taking IntuiTru IQ to help increase brain function and memory. If you are ready to learn more or would like to order your bottle, than you need to get started by clicking below. Are you ready to think more clearly today?