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Muscle Building Foods

It can be hard to make whole meals from scratch with the push and pull that we get from our home lives and work lives. When this happens, you tend to replace good meals with whatever is available, even if you are still eating healthily. You tend to reach for snacks when you can’t make muscle building meals, so what are some of the muscle building snacks out there? The more muscle building, healthy snacks you have on hand, the easier it is to avoid junk food. If you keep the following muscle building foods close at hand, you will eat healthier and eat foods that are good for muscle building.


Quinoa is a seed, technically, but is similar to whole grain. It has many essential amino acids that your body needs. It is low in calories, high in protein, and has a lot of fibre. It also has a lot of energy-producing vitamins and minerals. These include zinc, potassium, iron, selenium, magnesium, and vitamin B. It can be used as a side dish, but it can also be put on top of salads or put into smoothies.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a great pantry staple. It is low in calories, has 4 grams of protein, and 8 grams of healthy fats in one serving. It also has a nutrient known as niacin, which is energy boosting. There are also antioxidants, vitamin E and resveratrol. Make sure that you are buying organic peanut over some of the other options that are out there. You can add peanut butter to smoothies, oatmeal, energy balls or bars, or even make a peanut sauce.

Black Beans

To store these in your pantry, you can buy the canned version. It would help if you were choosing a low sodium version of black beans. This is a plant-based protein that is great for your overall health and muscle building. These are an excellent source of fibre. They also contain calcium and zinc, which are essential for your bone health. You can combine black beans with quinoa as a side dish, or you can add them to a salad, soups, make them into a bean dip, add to chilli, burgers, or any other creative way you think of adding these beans to your diet.


Almonds are the superfood of the nut world. It is one of the most commonly talked about health foods out there. Almonds have almost 162 calories, 4 grams of fibre, and 6 grams of protein, which is the highest protein in any nut. Almonds also have vitamin E and heart-healthy fats. You can use almonds for oatmeal, yoghurts, or salads. You can also put them on vegetables or in a fruit salad. You can also eat them raw or make a trail mix.


Oats are whole grain, so they are both hearts healthy and help to build muscles. They are low in calories and high in healthy heart fats, fibre, and protein. They also have vitamin B and iron. These are important for the encouragement of the transportation of oxygen through your body. You can incorporate oats with oat smoothies in baked goods or even sprinkle over yoghurt.

Whey Protein Powders

Whey protein can help to release amino acids to your muscles faster than usual. This protein powder is also digested very quickly. Whey protein contains leucine, an amino acid that helps to build muscle. You can add this protein powder to smoothies and protein drinks. You can also throw it in pancakes and muffin mixes.

Canned Tuna

You may be a little cautious about this one, but you shouldn’t be. When you don’t have time to make a protein, canned protein can be a good alternative. Tuna has a lot of protein, and vitamin B. Canned tuna also has selenium in it. Since it is a fatty fish, it is also high in omega 3s. Omega 3s help to fight inflammation. You can incorporate tuna into pasta dishes, salads, burgers, or make it into a casserole.


LentilsLentils are a legume and can provide 18 grams of protein in a serving. They are relatively low in calories, hitting 230 per cup. They also offer about 37% of your daily iron intake. Lentils also have vitamin B, thiamin, folate, and vitamin B6. You can add lentils to a vegetarian stew or sprinkle over a salad.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are full of unsaturated fats and protein. Plus, they are deficient in calories. It has antioxidants like vitamin E. They also have vitamin B and selenium. You can eat sunflower seeds raw, sprinkle them over oatmeal, yoghurt, salads, or add them into muffin batters. You can also throw sunflower seeds into trail mixes, energy balls, and granola bars.

Canned Sardines

Sardines can provide 23 grams of protein, that’s the perfect amount, in every serving. It is also high in omega-three fatty acids that help to fight inflammation. Sardines also have vitamin D, calcium, and tons of other minerals that help with bone health. It would help if you were looking for the wild-caught version of these sardines, even though they are canned. You can put sardines in salads, especially Caesar salads, or in pasta. You can also go all out and grill your sardines.

All of these foods are good for muscle building. They also have many proteins and other vitamins and minerals that your body needs to be healthy. You should talk to a nutritionist if you genuinely want to add many muscle-building foods to your diet. Your nutritionist, or dietician, will also help you set up the perfect workout plan so that you can build the muscle that you want. You will also need to talk to them about your overall health to make sure that you have the diet you need.