Stay Warm This Winter with the Tiny Portable Heater! In 2023

Tired of shivering inside your home while your heating bill soars? Bulky space heaters guzzle energy yet fail to properly warm rooms. But the Tiny Portable Heater provides the best of both worlds – affordable personal heating that actually works.

Keep reading this in-depth guide to learn all about the revolutionary Tiny Portable Heater and how its advanced ceramic technology can help you stay cozy while saving money this winter.

What is the Tiny Portable Heater?

The Tiny Portable Heater is a small, lightweight personal heater that leverages next-level ceramic heating technology to quickly and efficiently warm up spaces up to 350 square feet.

Despite its compact size, the Tiny Portable Heater packs a powerful heating punch thanks to its specialized internal ceramic element. This enables it to reach and maintain comfortable temperatures using minimal energy.

Here’s a quick rundown of the key features and benefits of the Tiny Portable Heater:

  • Advanced Ceramic Technology: Heats up in seconds and evenly distributes warmth throughout rooms.
  • Lightweight & Portable: Weighs only 2 pounds for easy mobility between bedrooms, offices, etc.
  • Intuitive Safety Features: Automatically shuts off if tipped over and prevents overheating.
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Won't disturb you while working or sleeping.
  • Dual Heat Modes: Customize between max 1200W to rapidly heat and 650W to conserve energy.
  • Adjustable Thermostat: Set your ideal temperature for personalized comfort.
  • Plug-in Design: Start enjoying the coziness with simple plug-in setup.

With freezing weather headed your way, the Tiny Portable Heater is the convenient solution for staying affordably warm in any room this winter.

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How Does the Tiny Portable Heater Work?

You may be wondering exactly how such a compact device can heat an entire room so quickly and efficiently. Here’s a look inside the Tiny Portable Heater to understand how it works its warming magic:

  • The core heating component is a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) ceramic plate. This advanced ceramic material contains semiconductors that allow it to heat up rapidly when electrical current is applied.
  • Tiny heating plates on the surface of the ceramic element distribute heat evenly to the aluminum heat dissipation sheets inside the unit.
  • A built-in fan circulates the warm air outward through the ventilation holes on the front of the unit, dispersing consistent heat throughout rooms.
  • The integrated thermostat constantly monitors the ambient temperature and adjusts the heat output to maintain your set temperature.
  • When the ceramic plate reaches 122°F, it automatically reduces heat to 104°F to prevent overheating. If it hits 122°F three times in a row, the safety system cuts power to shut the unit off completely.

So in a nutshell, the Tiny Portable Heater leverages smart ceramic technology and precision temperature control to deliver targeted warmth to you without wasting energy heating empty space.

Key Features and Benefits of the Tiny Portable Heater

Now that you understand how ceramic technology allows this tiny heater to heat rooms so quickly and efficiently, let’s take a more in-depth look at its top features and benefits:

Advanced Ceramic Heating Technology

The Tiny Portable Heater incorporates a PTC ceramic heating element that provides multiple advantages:

  • Heats up in just seconds, far faster than traditional fan forced heaters. You'll start feeling the warmth immediately.
  • Distributes heat evenly throughout rooms thanks to the internal aluminum heat dissipation system. No more cold spots!
  • Continuously adjusts temperature to prevent overheating for safety and energy savings.
  • Made of durable ceramic material that retains its effectiveness over many heating cycles and years of use.

So not only does this space-age ceramic technology heat up rapidly, it does so in an energy efficient and safe manner while lasting for years.

Ultra-Lightweight, Compact Design

Weighing just 2 pounds, the Tiny Portable Heater offers tremendous portability and flexibility:

  • Easily move it between the bedroom, living room, kitchen, basement, and other areas as needed.
  • The small footprint takes up minimal space so you can place it on tables, desks, nightstands, and shelves without clutter.
  • Bring personalized warmth right to you in your office chair, on the couch, or in bed. No need to heat empty space!
  • Take it along on camping trips, to the cabin, or wherever you need targeted heat.

With quick-heating ceramic technology packed into a lightweight, compact body, the Tiny Portable Heater gives you warmth wherever and whenever you want it.

Intuitive Safety Features

Despite its small size, the Tiny Portable Heater prioritizes your safety:

  • If tipped over, it will immediately shut off and blow cool air for 30 seconds to prevent hazards.
  • The ceramic heating element self-regulates to prevent overheating, automatically powering down before reaching unsafe temperatures.
  • There are no exposed heating coils or elements, just the sealed ceramic core and aluminum heat dissipation system inside.
  • The exterior remains cool to the touch even when running on the highest 1200W setting.

You can relax knowing the Tiny Portable Heater is designed to prevent accidents and overheating. Its safety systems give you 100% worry-free operation.

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Whisper-Quiet Operation

You'll barely notice the Tiny Portable Heater running thanks to its quiet fan that produces less than 45 decibels of sound. That's about the same level as a humming refrigerator.

Such quiet operation gives you the freedom to use this heater anytime without distractions:

  • Warm your bedroom while reading a book or sleeping soundly.
  • Focus on work in your home office without annoying noise.
  • Relax on the couch watching TV or chatting with family.

The Tiny Portable Heater works discreetly and effectively to create a comfortable environment.

Dual Heating Modes

With two heat settings plus an adjustable thermostat, you're in complete control of the Tiny Portable Heater. Customize it for your needs:

  • Use the max 1200W mode when you want to warm your space quickly. This high heat mode rapidly offsets chilly air.
  • Once your room has reached the desired temperature, switch to 650W mode to conserve energy and just maintain the warmth.
  • Set your ideal temperature on the built-in thermostat and the Tiny Portable Heater will automatically adjust the heat output to achieve consistent comfort.

By offering both instant high heat and lower maintenance heat, the Tiny Portable Heater enables you to program the optimal temperature profile and maximize efficiency.

Adjustable Digital Thermostat

The integrated digital thermostat makes it effortless to find your ideal ambient temperature:

  • Use the buttons on the front of the unit to set your desired temperature anywhere from 50-90°F.
  • The electronic thermostat will continuously measure the room temperature and adjust the ceramic heating element to reach and maintain your set point.
  • Keep an eye on the current temperature readout right on the digital display.
  • Get precision temperature control with no guessing required.

Take full command of your indoor heating with the Tiny Portable Heater's digitally programmable thermostat.

Simple Plug-in Setup

The hassle-free plug-in design lets you start enjoying the cozy warmth of the Tiny Portable Heater in seconds:

  • No assembly or complicated installation required — just take it out of the box and plug it into any standard wall outlet.
  • Built-in cord storage keeps the power cord neatly wrapped when not in use.
  • Bring convenient warmth anywhere with easy portability between outlets.
  • Saves you the cost and headache of hardwiring heaters or complicated installations.

The Tiny Portable Heater combines advanced ceramic heating technology with straightforward plug-and-play convenience.

What Customers are Saying About Tiny Heater

Laura S. – Seattle, WA

Verified Review

I was skeptical that such a small heater could actually warm my large living room. But the Tiny Heater proved me wrong! Within minutes I felt it generating cozy heat, and within 30 minutes my whole room was toasty. I'm amazed how well it works, and my energy bill was $40 less last month. I should have gotten it sooner!

James R. – Portland, OR

Verified Review

With freezing temps this winter, my furnace was constantly running and my gas bill went through the roof! I got the 2 pack of Tiny Heaters for my bedroom and office so I could turn the thermostat down. Now I'm sleeping comfy and working warm for just pennies a day thanks to these little guys. Wish I knew about them sooner!

Olivia C. – San Francisco, CA

Verified Review

We live in a drafty old house that's impossible to heat in winter. I was tired of having to bundle up with blankets at home. The Tiny Heaters changed everything – now my husband and I can finally lounge comfortably in short sleeves! We have them in the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Our only complaint is that we should have ordered more. 🙂

Noah K. – Austin, TX

Verified Review

My wife bought me the Tiny Heater for my home office, and honestly I didn't think much of it at first. But this little thing packs a punch! It heated my whole office rapidly and more importantly kept it warm consistently. Now I can work comfortably without a distracting chill. And it's so lightweight I can take it to the den or bedroom easily. I'm a believer in the Tiny Heater – worth every penny!

How Much Does the Tiny Portable Heater Cost?

This innovative personal heater normally retails for $99.90. However, for a limited time, the manufacturer is offering the Tiny Portable Heater for just $49.95 – an unbelievable 50% discount!

To sweeten the deal even more, all orders come with free shipping. Plus the company provides a 60-day money back guarantee so you can return it if you’re not fully satisfied.

Given how rapidly the Tiny Portable Heater warms up rooms using minimal electricity, it pays for itself in the energy savings alone. The steep discount just makes this a no-brainer for staying cozy this winter!

For even greater savings, consider grabbing a 2, 3, or 4 pack which offers tiered pricing:

  • 1 Tiny Portable Heater: $49.95
  • 2 Tiny Portable Heaters: $94.91
  • 3 Tiny Portable Heaters: $134.87
  • 4 Tiny Portable Heaters: $169.83

Heating your entire home has never been more affordable. Remember, the manufacturer recommends one unit for small rooms, two for medium rooms, and three for large spaces up to 350 square feet.

Take advantage of the 50% discount and free shipping by ordering your Tiny Portable Heater today directly from the manufacturer's website below:

Order Tiny Portable Heater 50% Off Today!

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Will the Tiny Portable Heater Raise My Energy Bill?

One common concern with space heaters is increased electricity costs. However, the Tiny Portable Heater was designed with energy efficiency in mind.

Here are some ways this heater minimizes its impact on your utility bills:

  • Advanced ceramic technology heats up rapidly then cycles on and off to precisely maintain temperatures, rather than running continuously like inefficient fan forced heaters.
  • The adjustable thermostat optimizes temperature so you don’t waste energy overheating rooms beyond your set comfort level.
  • Dual heating modes allow you to use high heat to warm up, then dial back down to just maintain warmth and cut power consumption.
  • Small size and quick heat circulation system minimizes heat loss so you don’t have to power a huge element to compensate.
  • Automatic safety shut-off prevents the heater from running unnecessarily while unattended if tipped over.

While energy usage will increase slightly with any heater, the Tiny Portable Heater is engineered to minimize the impact. Just a few pennies per day is a small price to pay for cozy warmth!

For most users, the Tiny Portable Heater cuts heating bills by up to 30% compared to running central furnace heat nonstop. And it saves up to 90% compared to inefficient full-size space heaters.

So you get targeted warmth right where you need it without cranking up the thermostat and wasting money heating empty rooms and hallways. The Tiny Portable Heater enables energy-efficient comfort on a budget.

How Does the Tiny Portable Heater Compare to Other Heaters?

Now that you know the impressive capabilities of the Tiny Portable Heater, how does it stack up against other heating options on the market? Here is a detailed comparison:

Vs. Central Furnace Heat

  • Tiny Portable Heater custom heats the rooms you actually occupy rather than your entire home.
  • Furnace heat blasts everywhere with no temperature control room-to-room. Wasteful.
  • No need to jack your thermostat for a few cozy rooms and overpay on heating unused space.
  • Tiny Portable Heater costs just pennies per day to run vs dollars for furnace.

Vs. Full-Size Space Heaters

  • Tiny Portable Heater distributes warmth evenly with no frustrating cold spots.
  • Bulky space heaters have hot and cold zones due to inefficient heating elements.
  • Stay warm right next to the Tiny Portable Heater vs having to sit directly in front of larger heaters.
  • Far more affordable to operate multiple Tiny Portable Heaters than a couple huge space heaters.

Vs. Oil-Filled Radiator Heaters

  • The Tiny Portable Heater reaches your desired temperature rapidly within minutes.
  • Oil-filled heaters take forever to warm up due to the oil thermal mass. Slow to react.
  • Ceramic technology adjusts heating intensity based on room temp vs. fixed output oil radiators.
  • No heavy, bulky oil heating elements to deal with. Much easier mobility.

So whether you're looking for an affordable upgrade from central heat or compact space heaters, the Tiny Portable Heater offers superior performance and cost-effectiveness.

Tiny Heater Review

Tiny Portable Heater Frequently Asked Questions

To help you better understand this revolutionary heating system, here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Tiny Portable Heater:

How many BTUs does the Tiny Portable Heater produce?

The max heat mode generates around 4000 BTUs to quickly offset chilly air. The lower maintenance mode provides around 2000 BTUs to retain warmth. For comparison, a large 700 sq ft space heater may put out 5000 BTUs but waste fuel continuously heating unused space.

How long does it take to heat a room?

The advanced ceramic element reaches your desired temperature in just minutes. You'll feel warmth almost instantly, faster than with traditional portable heaters. Within 5-10 minutes even larger rooms up to 350 sq ft reach your set temperature thanks to rapid heat circulation.

Does it have a remote control?

While the current model does not include a remote control, all functions can be easily set using the built-in buttons and digital display on the front of the unit. No need to get up once your desired temperature is set!

What is the maximum room size?

This heater is recommended for rooms up to 350 square feet. The manufacturer notes one unit for small rooms, two units for medium, and three units for large spaces up to 350 sq ft.

Does the Tiny Portable Heater oscillate?

No, it does not feature oscillation. The advanced ceramic plate and internal heat channels distribute warmth evenly throughout rooms so no cold spots develop.

Can it be used in a bathroom?

It's not recommend to use any portable heater inside bathrooms or other wet, high-humidity areas unless certified waterproof and designed for bathroom use. The Tiny Portable Heater is meant for general indoor living spaces.

How long will it last?

The durable ceramic heating element retains its rapid heating capabilities for years of effective use. With no moving parts aside from the small fan, the Tiny Portable Heater should provide up to 5 years of reliable service when used properly indoors.

What is the power consumption?

The max 1200W mode draws about 10-12 amps of power, while the 650W heat setting only draws around 5-6 amps to maintain your desired temperature. To compare, an incandescent light bulb uses 60 watts, so the Tiny Portable Heater runs as low as 10 light bulbs on its energy saving mode.

Can I use an extension cord?

It's best to plug directly into wall outlets to maximize safety and efficiency. But you can use an extension cord in a pinch as long as it's 12 gauge or larger to handle the 10-12 amp power draw. Don't use long, thin extension cords that can overheat.

Does it have a kill switch?

No, but it does have the next best thing – automatic tip-over shutoff. If bumped over, the Tiny Portable Heater will immediately cut power and blow room temperature air to prevent any risk of overheating or fire.

What safety certifications does it have?

The Tiny Portable Heater meets the latest UL safety standards including tip-over auto shut-off and overheat protection. It does not feature redundant certifications like ETL or FCC, but UL compliance ensures optimal safety.

How loud is it?

Very quiet! The low velocity fan generates less than 45 decibels of sound. That's about the same noise level as a refrigerator. It won't disturb your concentration or sleep.

Can I adjust the heat direction?

The ventilation slots are designed to optimize heat distribution to the front 180 degrees in all directions. But to target warmth in just one direction, simply aim the front of the unit toward the desired area.

So in summary, the Tiny Portable Heater offers a well-rounded feature set in a remarkably small form factor that makes it the ultimate personal heating solution this winter for maximum comfort and savings!

Tiny Heater Review

Recap: Top 9 Reasons to Get the Tiny Portable Heater

Here's a quick recap of the best features of the Tiny Portable Heater:

  1. Advanced ceramic technology heats up fast and evenly.
  2. Ultra-lightweight and portable for targeted heating in any room.
  3. Intuitive safety features like tip-over auto shut-off for worry-free use.
  4. Whisper-quiet operation won't disturb you.
  5. Dual heat modes for instant warmth or energy conservation.
  6. Adjustable digital thermostat optimizes your set temperature.
  7. Straightforward plug-and-play setup gets you heating in seconds.
  8. Discounted pricing and free shipping makes staying warm affordable.
  9. Smaller and more efficient than bulky space heaters.


Don't suffer through another winter with uncomfortable chills and sky-high heating bills. The revolutionary Tiny Portable Heater offers an intelligent new way to stay affordably warm wherever you need it.

Utilizing advanced ceramic technology in a lightweight, compact form factor, this versatile heater provides targeted warmth right where you need it. Just plug it in, set your optimal temperature, and enjoy quiet comfort that moves conveniently between rooms.

With automatic safety shut-off, two heating modes, a built-in thermostat, and quiet operation, the Tiny Portable Heater checks all the boxes for practical functionality. It saves you up to 30% on energy costs compared to inefficient central heat and bulky space heaters.

Now is the time to invest in the personal warmth you deserve. Originally $99, the manufacturer is offering an unbelievable 50% discount for a limited time to just $49.95. Place your order today and get free shipping plus a 60-day money back guarantee.

Stay comfortably warm on your own terms with the revolutionary Tiny Portable Heater this winter.

Order Your Tiny Portable Heater Now & Save 50%!

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