5 People Who Should Never Drink Coffee

By Ishaan Arora

2023-02-25,12:37 IST

Coffee has been shown to reduce the risk of prostate cancer and heart failure. However, for some people, coffee may have more negative side effects than positive.

People With IBS

Caffeine can increase bowel regularity, including the likelihood of diarrhoea, which is a major symptom of irritable bowel syndrome.

People With Sleep Disorder

Coffee is clearly not for you if you have irregular sleeping patterns and have difficulty falling asleep.

People With Diarrhea

The majority of people swear by their morning cup of coffee to get their bowels moving but drinking it if you have diarrhoea can aggravate the situation.

Kids Under 12 Years

When children under the age of 12 consume coffee, their heart rate rises, leading to anxiety and can also lead to an upset stomach.

People With Overactive Bladder

Caffeine consumption can increase urinary frequency and urgency, and if you have an overactive bladder, this can lead to multiple bathroom visits.

If you're having trouble giving up coffee, try reducing your cup size or switching to decaffeinated coffee.