Common eye makeup mistakes to avoid during the wedding season

Dr Geetika Mittal, a dermatologist, and said that one tends to make certain common mistakes while applying eye makeup, further suggesting a few tips to avoid them.

Don’t smoke out your lower waterline with kajal: If you have dark circles, it is advisable to not smoke out kajal under your eyes as it will cause shadows and darkness.

Use a colour corrector: If you have dark circles, a colour corrector can give you an evenly-toned base.

Use a correct concealer: To prevent your under eyes from looking yellow or green, it is a must to apply the correct concealer. A peachy-orange concealer works best and gives your under-eyes the perfect highlight it needs.

Let eyelash glue set completely: Don’t rush to apply fake eyelashes right after adding the glue. You should always wait 30-40 seconds to let the eyelash glue dry before applying them to your eyelashes.

Use waterproof products: Using waterproof products is the key to having the perfect wedding look. Events and weddings are long and the venue gets hotter due to the presence of a large number of people; this can ruin the eye makeup.

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