Here’s how you can make pasta healthier

No matter how much we love to devour pasta, we can’t deny its possible adverse effects on health.

However, Dr Dimple Jangda, an Ayurveda expert, has the perfect solution to make this much-loved Italian dish healthy.

She took to Instagram to share tips to make paste healthy.

Load it with veggies

When eating pasta, make sure to order a salad, preferably steamed or sautéed with olive oil and herbs. This helps curb the hunger pangs. 

Replace refined flour pasta with whole grain or millet-based pasta

Replacing refined flour pasta with healthier alternatives like whole grain or millet-based pasta helps prevent leaky gut syndrome associated with refined flour, which is devoid of nutrients and is not easy to digest.

Don’t mix white and tomato sauce to make pink sauce

When these two sauces meet, they cause undigested metabolic waste that lies in the stomach and gut for hours as the body is unable to absorb nutrients from it or eliminate it.

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