How to incorporate black grapes in skincare routine 

As a bedtime serum: You can acquire black grape extract in its purest form and apply it as a serum on your face every night. 

Adding a drop of black grape extract to your preferred moisturising face and body treatment helps to lock in the skin’s hydration.

As a hydrating mask: If you like, you can warm black grape extract by placing a small amount in your palms and rubbing it together. Apply a large amount as a hydrating mask on your skin.

As a spa-like treatment mask: For a spa-like treatment, combine a few drops of juniper, frankincense, and lavender with one ounce of black grape extract to create a mask and leave it on for 10 minutes.

Consume internally: Black grape extract is now available in liquid and capsule form. If you take black grape extract orally consistently for several weeks, it may improve the appearance of your skin.

However, you should consult a physician about the proper dosage of the black grape extract capsule.

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