How to lose weight fast for teens? Dos and Don'ts of teenage dietingSimran Arora, Times Now Digital

Feb 24, 2023

Dos – eat carbs

Teens or anyone need not be afraid of carbs - only mindful about the kid of carbs being opted for. Try to opt for whole grains as they take longer to break down in the bloodstream. Carbs as a source of energy so teens MUST include it in the diet.

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Sensible snacking

Snacking need not be all about eating and binge eating everything unhealthy. Try to switch to safer options such as popcorn instead of chips or nuts and seeds or fruits instead of candy.

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Get moving

Quick and sustainable weight loss is about getting some movement and exercise – try to go out for cycling every evening or start your day playing some outdoor games with friends.

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Eat healthy food

Weight loss in the teens is about eating everything but the right kind of foods – eat aloo puri over the weekends but for the rest of the days, eat your vegetables, dal, fruits and meat whole-heartedly.

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Portion control

Portion control is just as important for teenager as it is for adults, actually more. In the growing years, it is imperative to eat everything in the right quantities to dodge obesity in the long run.

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What not to do – skipping breakfast

Weight loss in any age is never about skipping breakfast – it is a big no-no when it comes to sustainable results. Have breakfast but avoid filling up on sugary treats like pancakes and waffles and eat eggs or paneer or soy-based foods.

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Taking gym supplements

Fitness supplements are not recommended for teenagers. Some of them can be steroids that do more harm than good to heart health in the long run.

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Drinking calories

Fruit juices and carbonated drinks appeal to almost every kid and teenager, but they are far from healthy. These are empty calories that only contribute to weight gain in the long run.

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Eating even when full

One must not continue to eat mindlessly whether a teenager or an adult. If you feel full, stop eating.

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