How to order Keto Sushi (like a pro)

For starters, try some miso soup. It can be a little hit or miss carb-wise, but generally it works well on the keto diet.

Seaweed salad is also a great low carb starter option or side dish. It's delicious!


Swap Nigiri for sashimi! It's basically just the raw fish without the rice, which is an easy swap to make.

Swap a maki roll for a naruto roll. Instead of rice, a naruto roll is wrapped with sliced cucumber which is perfect for the keto diet.



Swap tempura for pickled vegetables. The batter on tempura is not keto-friendly, however, Asian cuisine has so many pickled veggies with a satisfying crunch.


Sticky-sweet sauces can easily be replaced with spicy mayo. If you're having a sushi night at home, check out my

spicy mayo recipe!

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