Skincare during winters 

Winters are notorious for drying out our skin. But for many of us, exfoliation is an important step in our skincare routine.

Dr Chytra Anand, a celebrity cosmetic dermatologist, posted a video — as part of her winter skin care tips series — on her Instagram that tackled this very question.

In the video, she claimed that we should continue to exfoliate in winter, albeit with precautions.

Active exfoliants are enzyme-based. Some examples of these are alpha hydroxy acid, beta hydroxy acid and poly hydroxy acid.

The purpose of exfoliation is to clear the skin pores, remove the dull skin layers, and clear the backlog of the skin products we use.

The type of exfoliation and the degree of exfoliation varies for each individual according to their skin type, and also the weather and climate of they you live.

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