Symptoms of advanced prostate cancer and ways to manage themAshima Sharda Mahindra, Times Now Digital

Feb 24, 2023


Men suffering from prostate cancer in an advanced stage would suffer from pain in the hips, back, or chest, particularly if the cancer has spread to the bones. There are a variety of medications available to help control pain

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Cancer-related fatigue is not just sleepiness or feeling drowsy. You may still feel tired after sleep or a nap, and your lack of energy can keep you from doing normal activities. To manage fatigue, you can add small activities to your daily routine

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Erectile dysfunction

Many times, those suffering from advanced prostate cancer have decreased libido which causes erectile dysfunction which occurs when a man is not able to keep erections. With medicines and therapy, it can improve greatly

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Nausea and vomiting

One of the common side effects of cancer treatment like chemotherapy are nausea and vomiting which make you feel weak. When it stops you from eating, try taking smaller meals, along with anti-nausea medications

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Loss of appetite

Many men who have advanced prostate cancer do not feel like eating and are unable to take food. Side effects of treatment also changes in your senses of taste and smell can all contribute to a lack of appetite. Try to take in more liquid through items like soup, tea, milk, or milk substitutes, and energising fruits and salads in your daily diet

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Cognitive impairment

Many men with advanced prostate cancer also suffer from cognitive impairment that can either be due to the cancer or medications, and treatment. Let your doctor know about this symptom to get the medicine changed

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Emotional upheaval

Apart from the physical ones, advance-stage prostate cancer also causes emotional side-effects, causing stress and anxiety. It can make you overwhelmed, or depressed. Talk to your doctor about this and get treated before it changes to full-blown depression

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