Tips to quit drinking alcoholAshima Sharda Mahindra, Times Now Digital

Feb 25, 2023

Identify your triggers

You need to first identify the reasons why you drink so much. Many people use alcohol to numb emotional pain or face stressful situations more easily. It is common to drink to lighten tension on a first date or before a difficult conversation

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Get rid of alcohol

If you keep alcohol in your house, it can tempt you when you are trying to quit. You don’t have to offer alcohol to be a good host. Let guests bring their own alcohol — and take it with them when they leave

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Involve your loved ones

The journey to deaddiction cannot be completed alone. Encouragement and support from friends and family to stop drinking are needed. Open up to them about your struggles to get the required motivation

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Find a new favourite drink

Replace your addiction to alcohol with some other healthy beverage. The best according to experts is plain water, however, if you wish you can try sparkling water, or green tea

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Prepare yourself for side-effects of alcohol detox

If you plan to quit alcohol you may face withdrawal symptoms from the body as a part of resistance like anxiety, headaches, fatigue, and insomnia. You need to be prepared and be firm on your resolve as these symptoms will slowly fade away

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Prioritise self-care

Quitting drinking can feel pretty stressful. Hence, find ways to get off that stress like exercising and workouts. It would help you keep not just physically but even emotionally healthy and fit

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Journal your achievements

It is best to keep track of your progress as reading it in the form of a journal would motivate you further to not drink

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Join support groups

Building new relationships with people who also choose to avoid alcohol can have lots of benefits. Join a support group of former alcoholics and hear their stories to motivate yourself further to quit

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