Type-2 diabetes: Fruits with the lowest carb content

Simran Arora, Times Now Digital

Feb 23, 2023


Pomegranate has fewer carbs and sugar while a higher vitamin C and phytonutrient content.

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This fruit is one of the best when it comes to type-2 diabetes management. It is low in carbs and sugar and does not contribute to drastic blood sugar spikes.

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In addition to being low in sugar and carbs, strawberries can help fight insulin resistance.

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One of the most hydrating fruits, eating watermelon can help you fight dehydration while also manage blood glucose in diabetics. Be mindful of the portions for maximum benefits.

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Rich in leptin, vitamin C and A, apples have a plethora of benefits to offer while also managing type-2 diabetes naturally.

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High in fibre and low in carb, blackberries could be your key to healthier blood glucose naturally.

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The antioxidants in raspberries along with the fibre can help fight type-2 diabetes naturally.

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