Warning signs of hernia you should not ignoreAshima Sharda Mahindra, Times Now Digital

Feb 24, 2023

Bulging lump

It is the most common sign of hernia and happens due to weak muscles and tissues. The bulge is visible when you stand, cough, sneeze, or put any kind of pressure on the body

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Stomach pain

You may get severe pain in the abdomen area due to a hernia, which becomes severely uncomfortable. It may also cause indigestion and a burning sensation

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Tenderness in other body parts

While you may experience severe tummy pain, other body areas like legs, and scrotum may become tender and cause discomfort. As a hernia symptom, even your nerves may start paining

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Chronic nausea is a sign of hernia as the food doesn’t get digested properly and is trapped outside the abdomen causing vomiting

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Digestive issues

Hernia causes severe and chronic digestive issues as the food doesn’t get digested properly, causing constipation

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Reduction in blood supply

Increased pressure on blood vessels restricts the flow of blood to the herniated area. This results in discomfort, tenderness, pain, and numbness in the muscles and tissues

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Decreased activity

Since there is tenderness in the muscles, it causes pain with movements such as lifting objects, driving for a long time, or sitting at a desk all day

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Chronic fever

Fever alone is not a symptom of hernia, but it usually happens when your body fights against infection. It could be because of an incarcerated hernia, weak abdominal tissue, or reduced blood flow

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If you suffer from hiatal hernia, the food regurgitates into your mouth, causing severe heartburn due to backflow of acid into the esophagus

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