Netflix Offers

More Features On

Rs 649 4K Plan: All Details

Netflix is now giving more

reasons to its subscribers

to buy the premium plan.

The video streaming giant has

made a slew of additions to

Rs 649 premium plan.

The plan now supports

spatial audio on 700

titles which can enhance the audio experience.

The feature works natively

and you don't need a

soundbar to get the difference.

Check if the movie or show

has icons like 5.1 or Atmos

next to them which supports the feature. + + +

Netflix has also increased

device support for this plan

from four to six devices.

The premium Netflix plan

offers content in 4K UHD

resolution on compatible devices.

Netflix says users want the

option to download content

and watch them offline while travelling.

Netflix is also putting a stop

on free account sharing for

users with a new feature.

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