Wooden or plastic comb: Find out which suits your hair better

While we all want thick and lustrous hair, we end up missing out on certain haircare habits that can help our mane in the long run.

Addressing the various claims around the effectiveness of wooden combs, Dr Aanchal Panth, a dermatologist, wrote on Instagram: “Wooden combs tend to reduce static electricity and can reduce hair frizziness slightly.”

But, these combs are not made for everyone. The expert added that those with “very oily scalp, thick dandruff, and scalp infections” should not use them as “wooden combs are porous and can trap oils, bacteria, and fungi”.

Busting some myths, Dr Panth said that wooden combs don’t improve hair fall or improve scalp blood circulation or reduce dandruff – as commonly believed. However, the "biggest advantage" is that "wooden combs are biodegradable and environmental-friendly".

Wooden combs need a thorough cleaning after every hair wash.

Comb when hair is damp, not wet. When your hair is around 70 per cent dry is when you want to comb them.

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