Keilini Portable Heater 100% possible to make your room warm

Turn off your heating when you're away and save money – Keilini Portable Heater

I'm tired of being cold in my own room. Winter is here, and the temperature is dropping by the day. Despite my attempts to keep the room warm, my efforts have been futile and I'm left feeling cold and uncomfortable. That's when I heard about the Keilini Portable Heater. It promised to make my room warm and reduce my heating costs. Immediately, I was on the hunt to find the perfect Keilini Heater for my room. After doing some research, I finally decided to purchase the Keilini Space Heater.

The moment I plugged it in, I felt a noticeable change in the temperature of my room. Immediately, I could feel the warm air coming out of the heater. It was soothing and made my room feel so much cozier. What's even better is that I was able to reduce my heating costs significantly by using the Keilini Space Heater. I'm so relieved and thankful for this amazing product.

If you're looking for a way to make your room warm and reduce your heating costs, then the Keilini Portable Heater is definitely the product for you. I highly recommend giving it a try – you won't be disappointed! Read on to find out more about why I love the Keilini Portable Heater and why you should too!

Keilini isn't a heating device.

Keilini is a magical device which heats without the use of conventional heating methods. Keilini warms up the air, creating a feeling of coziness by distributing heat evenly in the room. Keilini is truly revolutionary. Unlike traditional heaters Keilini uses only 0.4 Watts of electricity to run, which is energy which has not been used before. Thanks to PTC heating technology, there is no flame, no soot, no ashes, no fire hazard and no bad smell. As a result, the ALASKA WIND is one of the cleanest and healthiest convection heaters on the market.

Keilini Portable Heater Cost

It is important to maintain the perfect temperature.

Keilini Portable Heaters are perfect for great indoor or outdoor occasions such as camping, traveling, and your home. They are 100% eco-friendly, use butane gas heating, and are windproof, and are safe and convenient. Keilini heaters come in 3 different sizes: small, medium, and jumbo. The small is perfect to use indoors or out, while the large Keilini heater can be carried outdoors to big events. With the Keilini portable heater, you can enjoy: ~ 8 hours of continuous heating ~ 2.3kgs butane gas fuel ~ 0.3kgs propane gas fuel ~ 400W ~ 3.0kgs windproof heat ~ Protection against wind and dust ~ No noise, no odor, and no carbon monoxide emissions ~ A heater with adjustable temperature, up to 600C ~ A sturdy and lightweight design.


Keilini is a revolutionary new way to create your perfect temperature. Keilini puts you in control of the temperatures you want in your home and any climate-controlled zones.

Thanks to a smart thermostat, Keilini can control your heating or cooling before you get out of bed, saving you money and regulating your temperatures to only 2 degrees above the temperature you request.

Keilini allows to set up zones automatically, using temperature sensors throughout the home, and can be controlled from anywhere via Skype or Alexa.

In each room, you can program the perfect temperature that suits you. Keilini has a smart sensor that monitors the temperature in any room, comparing it against your preferred temperature. Wherever you are in your home, you can recognise if the temperature has changed and adjust the room temperature.

Instant Warmth

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Three-gear Adjustment

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Ultra Compact Design

The Keilini portable heater is an ultra compact, powerful, and sleek heater. It's perfect for small apartments, offices, cabins, and RVs. Weighing less than a pound, it's easy to stow in a cabinet or bag, and once you turn it on, it warms up quickly. The adjustable thermostat makes it easy to find the perfect temperature for your needs.

WHY CHOOSE Keilini Portable Heater

  • Keilini Heater is portable and safe to use. It does not pose any fire hazard.
  • Keilini portable heater is very quiet as it does not have a fan. It produces no damaging noise.
  • Keilini heater produces up to 30 golden radiating fins that circulate the heat efficiently.
  • Keilini heater offers automatic safety shut off in case of overheating.
  • After use, Keilini Heater can be folded and stored effortlessly.
  • Low power consumption makes this portable heater an ideal choice.
  • Keilini Heater comes with a 1-year warranty.

Keilini Portable Heater Reviews

Safety Protection

The Keilini Portable Heater is an affordable option, mainly designed for home use, not camping. It has safe anti-spill design, which boils the water at 90^0 C and a 30-minute auto-shutoff. However, the tea kettle's safety features are a little bit lacking, and it can only handle about 1.5 cups of water at a time. Also, it doesn't have a handle, so it may be tricky to keep your hands from getting burned. Overall, this portable heater is a nice option for home use, and its quick heating time makes it worth choosing.

Low Noise

This heater is very quiet operation, so while you sleep, you will not be disturbed by the noise. The heater is really convenient and easy operation, just press the button and turn on the heater, then you will get warm soon.

Portable Handle

We didn't have much trouble moving the portable heater handle with our bare hands, but it still took our editor a couple of goes to figure out how to move it to the right spot on the heater. The dials are easy enough to operate, but the buttons on the top face of the unit are difficult to depress with bare fingers. The handle's 65-watt output is probably a little underpowered for most applications, but choosing a 15-watt output level provides plenty of heat for a small room, and the unit's auto shutoff function ensures you're never burning unnecessary calories. Our only other complaint is that the heater's lid looks a bit flimsy, but as long as you don't drop it, you won't mind the extra weight.

What are our customers' opinions on Keilini Portable Heater?

We bought this portable heater as an upgrade for our 15 year old stove. We love the portability and light weight, but also love that it keeps the whole house nice and warm. We use it for our galley-style kitchen and it is perfect for what we need. When it was first installed, there was a tailpiece that took some getting used to. Once I figured out where to put it, it works great.

Carl Keeton – Denver, CO

We purchased this energy monitor for around $200. The price per gram was pretty good, and they offer cash-back rewards. We looked at reviews for this product online, and after trying out various energy monitor options, we decided to go with this device.

Brian Smith – Houston, TX

I have two dogs that walk around the house all day long. When it gets cold outside, they're always looking for the thermostat and stepping on it and breaking it. But with this heater, there's no thermostat to trip over. I like it because I can schedule it to turn on and off, or I can turn it on manually. I also like that it's pretty quiet, so my dogs do not hear it and alert me to their presence.

Jason – Reno, NV

I am very satisfied with my purchase. It has made life a lot easier for me. I do not need to spend hundreds of dollars a month on heating bills. This thing has brought my heating bill to less than half of what it was before. I have put many calls to the manufacturer's support line and I have yet to hear back from them as of yet.


These little heaters are a great deal for the price. They heat up a space the size of a bedroom quite well, especially if you place them in the middle of the room. The heating elements are smaller than many of the other heaters we tested, so placement is a little harder. They come with a remote, so you can select different heat or timer settings from across the room. They don't put out much heat, but they do heat up fairly quickly. Overall, for the money, these portable heaters are a great option.

Keilini Portable Heater Cost


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